Our Business


Al Qaseer Middle East Investment was founded in 2016 as a private company to seek business opportunities in diversified sectors of the local and regional markets.

Al Qaseer Middle East Investment targets growth and income through potential Investments and long standing partnership. Our scope of business covers Real Estate, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Platforms and Equity Markets. Al Qaseer Middle East Investment looks into Investments that provide consistent results and contributes to Kuwait’S Economy.

Al Qaseer Middle East Investment also carries out research and analysis to identify the best Investment opportunities and present these opportunities to investors. Our team of high calibre professionals has long years of experience in devising financial management strategies, screening and evaluating Investment opportunities, studying Investment ideas and developing the adequate feasibility studies and valuation models that back up Investment recommendations.

At all times, Al Qaseer Middle East Investment conducts its business with integrity, ethical values and social commitments. Our core values assure that we diligently investigate investment opportunities that are Sharia’a compliant while ensuring that these investments add value to the our shareholders, the economy and the community.

Our Investments

Our investment ideology based upon long proven principles of diligent investing. Al Qaseer Middle East Investment focuses on  a diverse range of investments in the local and regional market that meet the criteria of our core values, generate wealth and have a long lasting impact. The investment industry is very innovative, and as such we encourage a dynamic and innovative culture ensuring that our staff alongside our process driven approach select the right investments that have a real impact.

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